Alireza Assar

Alireza Assar, a pop singer, composer, pianist, and guitarist, was born on January 26, 1970 in Tehran. He began to play the piano when he was five years old. His first teacher was Kavoos Samandar. He started singing on the eve of 1999. The poem of his first song, “Eidaneh” was written by Rumi and its composer was Foad Hejazi. According to Assar, he is fond of Rumi and Assar’s fascination is represented in his works. As a pianist, he performed his first concert at the age of sixteen at Abooreihan Hall, Shahid Beheshti University, and played in the performance of “Victory in Chicago,” a play directed by Davood Rashidi, and acted by mehdi Hashemi and Farimah Farjami in 1992. The main features of Assar’s music are Rumi’s poems and expression of social issues. His first concert was performed in 2003. He has the high rate of live performances in the last years. His album, “Nahan Makon”has been recorded with Shahrdad Rohani’s cooperation and the London Symphony Orchestra, at Abbey Road Studio. His last album, “Joz Eshgh Nemikham” was released by Avaye Honar Institute on December 28, 1996. Alireza Assar, is a pop singer of the 1990s. He has released numerous popular albums, including “Molaye Eshgh,”“Nahan Makon” (composed by Shahrdad Rohani) and “Ey Asheghan.”His new album has recently released after many years of silence. Assar’s voice reminds the past memories and for many audiences it is nostalgic.