Babak Mirzakhani (MIRZA)

Babak Mirzakhani, a composer, musician and Iranian Blues singer was born on September 10, 1971 in Tehran. He learned to play the guitar when he was nineteen years old. He began to study theater at Jahad University (Science and Culture Branch) in 1995. During his studies, he composed music for the collage performances. He graduated from the Theater School in 1999, and continued his musical career. During those years, he improved his guitar playing through videos from his favorite musicians, and started teaching music in Tehran Conservatory and Art University in 2003. Mirzakhani has composed for more than 40 documentary movies, short and long movies, such as “Digari” and “Barf” by Mehdi Rahmani. He has released three albums in Canada. He acted and sangin “Kasi Az Gorbehaye Irani Khabar Nadare,” a movie directed by Bahman Ghobadi in 2009. His famous song is “Emshab” from the album, “Gomshodeh.”The other albums“Khaab”(2006), “Pinocchio”(2008), and “Gomshodeh”(2012) were released in Canada.He re-started his career in singing and performing with the production of a single “Roohe Khaab Zade”in 2017. The main feature of his worksis his expertise in playing the electric guitar and harmonica.