Damahi is an Iranian band founded in 2014 by Dara Daraee (bass player and band leader) Hamzeh Yeganeh (Keyboards and Benjou) Ebrahim Alavi (Guitar and Oud) Reza Koolaghani (Vocals) and Shayan Fathi (Drums and Percussion). The band, with a free approach in incorporating the elements of Iranian folk music (mainly that of southern Iran’s coastal regions) Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Flamenco, Afro, Latin, Funk, Indian music and more; produced their first album, releasing it for Iran’s music market in September 2015. The band, in their early stages, had the chance to follow “Do Re Mi Fair Play”, a cinematic project to Brazil, during FIFA World Cup 2014. Damahi, along with some other Iranian bands, had the chance to perform in different cities of Brazil, and additionally, to perform on the official FIFA stage in Curitiba, prior to the match between Iran and Nigeria.

Upon their return to Iran, Damahi held concerts in Tehran and Bandar Abbas, seeing tremendous success with the public as well as musicians and critics, considering their recent emergence into the music market. In addition, Damahi’s first album (also named Damahi) has been relatively successful in terms of sales; with their new approach in employing unique orchestration and assimilation of various ethnic musical elements within the frameworks of Pop music, leading to their success in attracting a very diverse groups of the society.