Homayoun Nasiri, a composer, percussionist, and the head of Darkoob Band was born in Tehran in 1981. He started his professional career, as a percussionist, when he was a teenager. After the Iranian Revolution, he performed on the stage with the first generation of pop music artists. His great ability in playing music leads him to the various types of music. He plays for the popular pop singers of the last two decades, cooperates with traditional music groups, works with Homayoun Shajarian and Hakim Lodin, practices syncretistic music, and plays different kinds of music. He chose the name of Darkoob for his Band and started his career in 2007. Darkoob Band has released three albums, “Nokoob,”“Liva” and “Darkoob,” and has various performances.At the 31st Fajr Music Festival, in the Fusion Music Division, Homayoun Nasiri, as the best composer won the Barbod Award for his album, “Nokoob.”  Darkoob Band performed concerts in the presence of guest singers like Alireza Assar, Ali Zande Vakili, Mehran Modiri, Hamed Behdad, Reza Kolaghani and Hamid Torkashvand. Moreover, Darkoob Band produced many singles with the famous singers like Ehsan Khajehamiri. “Khoon Bas” is the recent single of Darkoob Band with Roozbeh Bemani, as the singer.