Nima and Pouya Sarafimehr were born in 1979 and 1985 in Tehran. They formed Kako Band in order to produce syncretistic music in the worldwide marketin 2007. The songs and tones of this Band have no particular meanings and language has no limitation. The purpose of this Band is entering International music markets, thus human is more important than language and geography in their works. This Band combines the eastern music with the western musical techniques which focuses on human issues. Their first album, “Davat” was released in 2015. They have performed concerts in Tehran, Kish, other cities of Iran, and Istanbul, Turkey.“Sayareh man” is a track from Kakoband, which won the Best Music Award in the first Phoenix Award in the form of a clip on “Human Against Human” directed by Bushehries.The act of singing and composing were done by Nima and Pouya Sarafimehr and the arrangement of the tracks, mixing, and mastering were done by Nima Sarafimehr. An interesting point of this kind of music is the language which uttered through the deep human feelings, regardless of any geographical language, and based on the particular language and dialect of this Band.Nima Sarafimehr argus that “Kako Band represents a feeling which is endowed to them by God and they want to share that feeling with their audiences.” Kako Band invites humans to the origin of human beings.