Moein Zandi

Mohsen Zandi is a singer, songwriter and composer living in Iran under the pseudonym (Moein Z) (born 1991 in Tuyserkan). He started singing at the age of 9 and began his career at the age of 12 from 2003 in pop music genres. He believes that his style of music is unique.
Moein Z with singing the songs with social and romantic themes and concepts of musical pieces with his own melodies and released them in cyberspace, which include:
Sigar Vasate Kar/ Del Bedim (early 2015)
Khodaro Shokr (Ramezan 2015)
Darse Eshgh Album (June 2014)(Broadcast)
_Includes fragments( Khandehato Didam, Darse Eshgh, Na Yek Chize Sathi, Boghze Sard, Abi Zard, Manavitarin Taraneh, Ghorbanat, Kash Mishod, Hanoozam Ke)
Darde Eshgh (August 2016)
Rismoone Siyah (September 2016)
Pir Mishi (March 2017)
Zamaneh (June 2017)
Nareye Chah (July 2017)
Hamdast (August 2017)
Roozaye Rafte (November 2017)

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