Mohsen Yeganeh

Mohsen Yeganeh, a pop singer and musician, was born on May 13, 1985 in Gonbad Kavous. He studied Industrial engineering at Islamic Azad University-Southern Tehran Branch. He started learning music with playing the guitar. He departed from his contemporary singers. His high capability in writing songs and composing distinguishes him from his contemporary singers. He started playing without any teachers. His first song, “Nashkan Delamo” written and composed by himself and arranged by Mohsen Chavoshi. His first album, “Nafashaye bi Hadaf” was released in 2008. After performing at many concerts for two years, his second album, “Rag e Khab” was released by Avaye Honar Institute in 2010. The first track of that album, “Sokoot” was known as the best song of the year in 2010. His next album, “Hobab” was released by Avaye Honar Institute in 2012. His fourth album, “Negah” was released in 2015.