Rastak Group

Rastak Band started their career in the form of an experimental group under the leadership of Siamak Sepehri in the summer of 1997. They were inspired by the auditory elements of Iranian traditional music. Connecting various cultures was one the features of their music, thus they gathered the masters of every field of music in different meetings. The main issues of those meetings focused on re-examining the original music of ancient Iran in order to turn it to modern music in the novel way. This kind of music, which is based on the connections of various cultures, has a long history. Regarding this type of music, they focus on the auditory elements of Iranian Folklore, which results in researches, compositions of movies and plays, releasing albums, and performing different concerts. They released numerous albums, including “Rangvarehaye Kohan” (2007), “Hameye Aghvame Man” (2010), “Sornaye Nowruz” (1992), “Miyane Khorshidhaye Hamishe” (1995), and the last one, “Bahar”(2018).Rastak Band has been invarious festivals and concerts in all cities of Iran and the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, USA, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Chile, Poland, Turkey, Belgium, Georgia, Oman, Belarus, and so on.