Roozbeh Bemani

Roozbeh Bemani (November 28, 1978), an Iranian poet and songwriter who was born in Tehran. He began his artistic career with Behrooz Safarian’s help. Roozbeh Bemani has lasting cooperation with the popular artists, including Ehsan Khajeamiri, Behnam Safavi, Ali Lohrasbi, Kaveh Yaghmaei, Mohammad Esfahani, Reza Yazdani, Mohsen Chavoshi, Mohsen Yeganeh, Farzad Farzin, Mehdi Yarahi, Sina Sarlak, Reza Sadeghi, Mehdi Yaghmaei, Alireza Assar and other artists from abroad. As a teenager, Bemani was interested in Hafez, Saadi, and Rumi. He gradually turned to modern poetry and read the works of Akhavan Sales and Forough Farrokhzad.At the age of eighteen, Bemani wrote his first modern poem under the influence of Sepehri and Shamloo. Bemani composed his first song when he was twenty years old. During his career, he has been featured in several popular pollsand he won “the Best Songwriter of the Year” award. Some of his songs provoked Bemani to sing. He has known as a poet of some Television Program Credits. He is alsoknown as Behzad Bemani and Behrooz Bamani for different reasons. He sang his own song,“Mano Zire Sayeh Khodet Bgir,” with Nima Masiha and Mehdi Yarahi in 2006. Bemani performed the credit of “Shab e Shishei” Program in 2007. After the earthquake ofAzerbaijan in 2003, he dedicated his recitation, “Avar”to the people of his town. As a teenager, Bemani had many experiences in theater and he played a role in “There is No One to Remember All the Stories” (Kasi Nist Hame Dastanha ra be yad avarad) which was written by Mohammad Charmshir, directed by Reza Haddad, and performed at Iranian Artists Forum in 2014. Before that time, the play had been performed at Tehran City Theater, “Ghashghaei” Hall, and other countries. Bemani with Niki Karimi acted in “Roboodeh Shode,” a movie which was directed by Bijan Mirbagheri in 2015. In this movie, Bemani’s friend, Alireza Afkari was also present and Bemani performed some of his own songs. Roozbeh Bemani performed “Khaste Shodam,”“Koja Bayad Beram,”“Khodam Khastam”,in the Credits of “Roboode Shode,”“Bedune Tarikh, Bedune Emza” and “Lottery.”One of his significant works is “Khoon bas” with Darkoob Band.