Evan Band

Evan Band (E1)

Date: 7 December 2018

Time: 19:00 & 22:00

Venue: Milad Hall, Tehran, Iran

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About Concert:

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Evan group vocal by Hossein Sharifi, composing and orchestra conducting by Foad Ghaffari with Hadis Dehghan’s words, arrangement by Mostafa Momeni and other orchestra group’s membersو December 7th, 2018 at the
Milad Hall-International Tehran Exhibition, they are going to dedicate a live performance of “Ahay Alijenab-e-Eshgh” which is one of their most popular songs, to their supporters on stage. This concert is the first hosting and meeting of the Evan group with theirs audiences, while during the past year, they have released some songs such as “Mah-e-Mani”, “To Hamooni”, “Delbasteh” and “Aroom-e-Jounam”, “Bame-e-Tehran”, ” Nagam Barat”,” Ahd Kardam “and etc.