Kako Band


Date: 17 June 2019

Time: 18:30 & 21:30

Venue: Tehran, International Expo Milad Hall

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About Concert:

Kakoband concert, June 17, 2019, was held at the Tehran International Exhibition Hall.

The distinct style and distinction of the “Kakoband” is the combination of music and unlimited boundaries that are intended for its audience, has made the Kakoband works for every listener with every tact and regard interesting.

This concert, include, performing Kakoband new album called The New World with pieces from the previous album called Invite.

The members of the Kakoband include Nima Sarafi Mehr (composer and regulator), Pouya Sarafi Mehr (melody maker and consultant for composing and arranging), and Amir Alizadeh (consultant for arranging, composing, keyboard and designing rhythms and sound), which read It is the responsibility of Nima and Pouya Sarafi Mehr.

Saeed Jamee: Drums, Ehsan Shafiee: Percussion player , Ali Pour Negahban: Guitar bass player, Hamed Pira: Sorna, Balaban and Duduk, Sorush Bighashdel: Drums, Mohammad Darayi: Harmonica, Ali Kazemi: Drum, Ali Omrani: Accomplish implementation.