Rastak Group

Rastak Group

Date: 8 & 9 December 2019

Time: 21:30

Venue: Tehran, Vahdat Hall

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About Concert:

Rastak Music Group has started their activities since the summer of 1997 under the guidance of Siamak Sepehri. In their experiences, the group has taken an applied look at the audiovisual elements of Iranian folklore, resulting in over two decades of work in various fields such as research and field research, music education, making music for film and theater, designing and making music albums and It’s been a concert.

Rastak Band Albums:
Rangvarehaye Kohan (2007), Hame Aghvame Man (2010), Sornaye Nowruz (2012), Miyane Khorshidhaye Hamishe(2016) and Bahar (2018)

Rastak Music Group has had several concerts in Iran, UK, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, USA, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Chile, Poland, Turkey, Belgium, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Oman, Iraq, Belarus, Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates.

Rastak Music Group hope to play a small role in recreating the melodies of the Iranian regions in the colorful and varied world of contemporary music and to help identify their deep roots and cultural richness.

Group members:
Siamak Sepehri (Supervisor), Farzad Moradi (Singer), Behzad Moradi (Singer), Akbar Esmaeilipour (Tar and Oood), Majid Poushani (Percussion and Percussion Instruments), Omid Mostafavi (Percussion and Percussion Instruments), Maedeh Doosti (Kamanche), Hamed Boland Hemat(local wind instruments), Parisa Inanloo (drums and percussion instruments) and Yasman Najmoddin (Qanun)
The Vahdat Hall will host the Rastak Music Group Autumn Concert.
The Rastak music Group is going to visit its fans with unexpected surprises in the Vahdat Hall on December 8-9. Rastak will perform a selection of their happy, energetic and memorable works in this concert. The program will feature music from the regions of Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Gilan, Lorestan, Shiraz, Bushehr, Khorasan, Kerman and … which will be from the albums “Bahar”, “Miyane Khorshidhaye Hamishe”, ” Sornaye Nowruz” and “Hameye Aghvame Man”. ” was selected.