Rastak Music Group

Rastak Group

Date: 7 January 2019

Time: 18:30 & 21:30

Venue: Milad Hall, Tehran, Iran

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About Concert:

This concert is held under the guidance of “Siamak Sepehri” and the singing of “Farzad and Behzad Moradi” and their accompaniment to the band.
As always, The performances of musicians and music performers in districts , is one of the surprises of Rastak’s band in this performance.
At this concert, Akbar Esmaeilipour Tar and Oud, Saba Jamali Ghanoon , Omid Mostafavi Tombak, Timpani, and jew’s-harp and Tempo, Sepehr Saadati Contrabass and Guitar Base, Dina Dousti Kamancheh, Hamed BolandHemmat Serena and Nayyiban and Balaban, Farzad Khorshidsavar , Def and Percussion instruments, Majid Pousti Def and Percussion instruments, and Parisa Inanlou, play Def and percussion instruments.
The performance of nostalgic pieces of music in the regions of Iran, including Azerbaijan, Gilan, Kerman, Khorasan and Lorestan, as well as Kurdistan, Bakhtiari, Bushehri and Fars, have been planned at the Rectangular Concert.