Parvaz Homay

Homay was Born on February 9, 1979 in Guilan. He graduated from Kamal-al-Molk School in Rasht. He completed his studies in music at Islamic Azad University in Tehran. He mastered playing the piano and the Setar at university. He learned Iranian songs from Fereidoun Pourreza, Kamaloddin Abbasi, Hengameh Akhavan, and Karim Saleh Azimi.He learned classical songs from Daniel Abbey, Delpho Maniguchi, Stephano Anselmi, Demeterio Colacchi.He also studied classical and modern Persian literature with Aliqoli Mahmudi Bakhtiari, Dadbe, Mahmoud Tayari, Kani (Masti), and harmony with Mohsen Elhamian.By establishing the Mastan group, Parvaz Homay entered the world of Iranian music in 2007. The use of the novel issues, different types of music, professional players, and performing at Vahdat Hall and Niavaran Palace made him famous. Then, he was invited to America and Europe. He was also the singer of American Orchestral group whose composer was Shahrdad Rouhani. With the participation of the Mastan Group in 2008, Homay was invited by Ali Akbar Amin to America for performance at the Walt Disney Hall of Los Angeles Concert, and then performed at various concerts in other countries.He has performed at six concert tours of the United States, Canada and Europe during six years, and has been on stage for three consecutive years in 2008, 2009, and 2010 at Walt Disney Hall of Los Angeles Concert, Lincoln Center, and Washington Strautmore Hall. By performing more than 400 concerts around the world, Homay and Mastan continue to perform concerts in Iran and other parts of the world.Homay’s and Mastan’s albums, include “Molaghat Ba Douzakhian,”“In Che Jahanist”, “Sarzamine Bikaran,”“Musa Va Shaban,”“Sarbazan,”“Divaneh Cho Divaneh Bebinad,”“Bayadha Va Nabayadha,”“Kolahat ra Bokon Ghazi,”“Nano Dandan.” Homay released several albums, including “Dar Shabe Gisovane to”, “Sarzamine Bikaran,” “Khoda Dar Roostaye Mast,” with Avaye Honar Institute.He made his Theater Concert Project “Eshgho Aghlo Adami” at Niavaran Palace in 2018.