Kako Band


Date: 28 February 2019

Time: 19:00 & 22:00

Venue: Ministry of Interior Great Hall

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About Concert:

New Concert’s album of “Kakoband” that called “Donyaye No”. The special style and different describtion of the “Kakoband” of compilation music and the unlimited boundaries that it offers to its audience, has made the “Kakoband” works attractive for every listener with every taste and fascinating look. This concert including new “Kakoband” albums’ Tracks of “Donyaye No “along with Tracks from the previous album called “Daevat”. The members of the “Kakoband” Group include Nima SarafiMehr (composer and regulator) and Pouya SarafiMehr (melody maker and consultant in composing and arranging) and Amir Alizadeh (consultant for arranging, composing, designing rhythm and sound), which singing of parts is with Nima And Pouya SarafiMehr.